Minopex, a DRA Global Group company, would like to congratulate the Phola Coal Processing Plant Operational and Maintenance team for achieving the monthly Feed to Plant (FTP) tonnage of 1 400 378 tons for August. This is only the third time in Phola’s history that we managed to exceed 1.4 million tons.

During the last three months the plant has been exceeding the daily throughput target of 48 000 tons on Run Of Mine coal from the two Shareholders stockpiles and have been consistently hitting the 50 000 tons per day mark for a plant that has a rated throughput of 2 400 tons per hour for both the DMS modules.

To make this even more notable, the plant has been manned with only 75% of the workforce on shift and 50% on the maintenance shift to enable the plant to continue running in case of a COVID infection putting an entire shift into self-isolation. “This is truly an excellent performance from the Phola team and makes us all proud” says James Smith, Minopex EVP.