International Operations

Minopex International is a leading specialist in the field of contract operations and the maintenance of metal and mineral processing facilities in the coal, platinum and diamond industries, operating outside of Southern Africa, with DRA Saudi Arabia operating in Saudi Arabia. Expertise in operating and maintaining mineral processing plants has made Minopex International what it is today, with experience ranging from platinum group metals (PGM) and chromite concentrator facilities to coal processing facilities and diamond processing plants.

As service providers in this particular field, Minopex International enables new mines to reduce the up-front costs of equipment and engineering facilities and to minimise their operating costs. Ensuring continuity in production, excelling in exceptional conditions and, most importantly, for meeting the financial and quality goals of our contracts, Minopex International is the answer.

Minopex International’s services are tailored to suit each client’s needs and cover operational aspects such as specialised engineering services, maintenance, small engineering projects, condition monitoring and mobile field services. Through these offerings, Minopex International provides contract management and administration; purchasing, store control and asset management; training and skills development; sub-contractor management; plant process control and analysis; scheduled and preventative maintenance; metallurgical quality management, control and analysis; as well as health and safety, environmental and waste and tailings-dump management.