Excellence in outsourced minerals processing operations

By handing over certain aspects of the processing function to Minopex in operating and maintaining your facility, Minopex is able to guarantee continuous production throughout the process, the result of which will be a reduction of operational downtime, and in turn, an increase in revenue as the Minopex teams have the flexibility to manage exceptional conditions and are able to remain focused on the specifics of the operation under their control to ensure that all financial and quality goals of the contract are achieved.

Minopex operates and maintains a total of 14 mineral processing plants in Africa

Because safety, quality and service excellence are paramount elements within the Minopex business model, comprehensive controls and integrated computerised systems have been developed and set up to ensure effective and highly efficient techniques for the management and control of:

  • Process and Engineering activities
  • Metallurgical Quality Management, Control and Analysis
  • Scheduled and Preventative Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring and Analysis
  • Purchasing, Stores Control and Asset Management
  • Cost Control
  • Contract Management and Administration
  • Health and Safety Skills Development
  • Environmental Management in conformity with the Employer’s overall EMPR
  • Specialist Sub-contractor Management
  • Laboratory Operations and Maintenance
  • Waste / Discard and Tailings Dump Management
  • Commissioning Services
  • Engineering Services

Minopex operations specialise in the following areas:








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