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The SWAT Team | Specialised Work and Training

This specialised team was established to assist Minopex clients and EPCM contractors with the commissioning phase of a mineral processing facility, worldwide. They are experienced in the commissioning phase, the type of equipment found throughout the plant and with the specific process involved. They include shift superintendents, senior process operators and control room operators who will bring a recently constructed plant to order as the client may still be training his personnel.

The dedicated SWAT Team will assist with the efficient ramp up to nameplate capacity of any mineral processing plant.

When you're aiming for maximum productivity you need the minopex SWAT team on your side

Whether your processing facility is a greenfield or brownfield operation, the Minopex SWAT teams are unrivalled in turning things around in the quickest, most efficient and most cost effective way possible. With experience covering various commodities including coal, platinum, diamonds, iron ore and gold, the SWAT teams have every aspect of minerals processing covered, from designing the process, to building and then operating the plant.

Thanks to the expertise of our engineers, specialist maintenance and asset management teams, as well as our training and safety management teams, the SWAT team is geared to be operationally ready to fast track the implementation of any project. They’re also ready to cost your costs, to reduce your business risk, and to improve your productivity.


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